Last research activity in BARMIG project

On July 28, an additional expert seminar “Employees from Ukraine on the Polish labor market before and after the outbreak of the war – diagnosis, challenges, recommendations” was held by Polish team in Lublin as part of the BARMIG project. Because of the extraordinary situation connected with the huge inflow of Ukrainians in last months we decided to organize the meeting with local representatives of institutions related to the labour market, carrying out activities for the benefit of migrant workers.

The first part of the meeting was a presentation of the results of the BARMIG project and an expert commentary on the presented information. In the second part of the meeting, a group discussion with experts was conducted by Karolina Podgórska, PhD and Andrzej Jekaterynczuk, PhD from the Migration Research Team of the Institute of Sociology, focused on current events related to the influx of refugees from Ukraine and their presence on the local (and national) labour market, and in particular the challenges related to these processes. We discussed about the structure of new migration wave, the character of new labour market challenges, as well as about the recommendations for labour market stakeholders to better cope with current and future challenges.

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