Interviews with national and sectoral stakeholders

The Barmig project has entered the implementation phase!
Our researchers conducted Interviews with national and sectoral stakeholders in five sectors:
1. healthcare,
2. the metal industry (electronics or the automotive industry),
3. construction,
4. services (retail, cleaning, gastronomy and accommodation),
5. the digital economy sector.
Interviews took place in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The project partners UMCS (Poland), IRMO (Croatia), UT (Estonia), ZEPSR (Slovakia), CELSI (Czech Republic, Hungary) conducted 10-20 interviews in the respective countries to collect evidence on social partners (and other stakeholders) strategies vis-à-vis migrants work and working conditions of vulnerable groups in the studied sectors.

Partners meeting (January 26th, 2021)

On January 26, 2021, a meeting of the partners participating in the BARMIG project took place. All national teams participated in the meeting via the zoom platform. The following topics were discussed during the meeting:
– literature review – brief evaluation;
– partners’ first experience with interviews;
– schedule and next steps: core research stage, and first drafts of national reports;
– platform work interview and interviewees (discussion on good respondents, and interview tool);
– additional tasks within the project.

Meetings of the Barmig team members

New year and new activities in the project. Our researchers met on 01/11/2021 in a remote form.

The first meeting between the Project Manager, Dominika Polkowska, PhD, and the scientific coordinator Tibor Meszmann, PhD was to summarize the Literature Review from each country and to plan a meeting with all project partners.

Another meeting of the Polish team concerned on the implementation of Task T. 1.3. Planning interviews with national stakeholders.

Literature review

Each project partner is currently reviewing the relevant literature on migrants’ work and working conditions in the respective country of research and beyond. The desk research also includes the analysis on current legislation, media sources, available collective agreements – to gather the best practices in Europe in relation to migrant workers’ issues. Using the input from country-specific literature and legislation made available by the project partners, the project coordinators UMCS and CELSI make a comparative literature review. The aim is to guide the interviews and other forms of data collection, and to develop a common analytical framework for the research across sectors and country studies, find best practices.

Kick-off meeting

On October 7th and 8th, 2020, the inaugural meeting of the BARMIG project was held at the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology of UMCS.

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Photos from the meeting are available on the Gallery website.